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…I moved servers to play with a friend, just before the announcement of the end of free transfers, and my main server, where most of my guild is, is on Tarnished Coast, which tends to be full. While servers were just opened up, I saw TC has already become full again. Are the servers going to be kept more open up to next Friday, so that I can get back onto my server?

I don’t want to have to pay the fee due to TC being full because I’m stuck in my 7 day waiting period shortly before transfers will no longer be free.

Better yet, could Support just move me back over to TC (and just restrict me from moving again until after the fee system is in place?)

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Hello everyone.

IsilZha, still you have some days till the 28th arrives and the 7-days period will pass, granting you with a few days in which you can try at different hours of the day to get to Tarnished Coast, so I do not see really a great problem here. Customer Support, on the other hand, is unable to attend such personal requests so a ticket with them will not really help you.

We close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.