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I wish to report a sever graphical glitch that has affected my account.

When I logged onto the game after a one month break, the areas of Lion’s Arch, Rata Sum, and Metrica Province were all showing a strange, flickering graphical bug that severely effects the game. It’s kinda hard to describe the bug, but basically textures and assets were constantly flickering everywhere across the screen, with some HUD elements also affected by the bug. This affects all characters on my account, so I believe that it might have something to do on my side, but I’m not sure where I should start looking. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but it did nothing to solve the problem. I have also tried resetting the computer, which also did not solve the issue. Neither has logging in and out.

I can still log in normally, so if the following screenshots don’t provide enough information, I can gather some more. Or I can go back and maybe circle the problems in the screenshots to highlight them if the problem is not visible enough.

Thank you for looking into this.

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Hello everyone.

No problem, Nifty Lost Kite, we are glad that you are not experiencing this any more. Thanks, Squall, for your answer. We close the thread now.