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For about the last week I’ve noticed I can harvest some trees, ore and food more than once.

For example I just harvested the same scallion node three times in a row getting scallions, onions then scallions.

Is this a bug or intended? After reading about all the bannings and account suspensions for “exploits” now I’m afraid this may be considered an ’exploit".

Problem is, I run around everywhere on two different characters and I can’t remember if I just harvested a specific node or not. I also can’t past up a harvesting node. I’ll spend 20 mins going into a cave just to harvest a mushroom. If a node lets me harvest again, I will until it disappears.

Is anyone else having this issue? Has anyone seen any Anet posts on this?

Exploit, bug or intended?

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Hello Halanna,

just as everybody has said, this does not really sound like a bug as your server may have that advantage or bonus. If you do not find that there, then you can always send a ticket to Customer Support and informs them about this issue.

Thanks to all for you contributions.
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