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ok 50s later in repairs, here’s what happens

go in the instance, do the cutscene
operate the psi-lance
npc’s start shooting at the mobs
hit the fire button twice (slow cd on this), by this time the mobs are swarming all over me and npc’s are dead
hit the fire button twice more and I’m dead

I’ve seen some posts that suggest targeting in front of the mobs or just behind them or at thier bodies and and not the ground but … how do you target them? all I have available is the fire button – no buttons to move the psi-lance into position, i’ve tried the movement keys on the key board and my mouse to target but the weapon doesn’t move. My initial thoughts were the npc’s did the targeting (you’d get this impression from the dialogue) but all they do is fire their own weapons and die.


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Do you have “fast cast ground targeting” turned on under Options? If so, it’s trying to target your mouse cursor. Normally it brings up a circular target area when you fire it, but if you have fastcast targeting turned on, it assumes you want to fire wherever your cursor is.