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I mailed 80 Elder Wood to a guild-mate tonight from my Main Account. Logged over to my Alt-account & mailed 750 (3 full stacks) more Edlder Wood to same Guild-mate.
Was told that they never recieved the 750 pieces. Thinking that they had recieved the 80 pieces. I figured maybe I had sent the 750 to another guild-mate who was afk. mailed a second 750 Elder Wood to the guild-mate needing it for crafting. This time insuring that it was sent to the right person. Again guild-mate said they did not recieve the mail. I swaped back to my main account & we went out collecting Elder Wood together. I tried mailing 3 more Edler Wood to this player, with the same result.
in total 1583 Elder Wood was mailed & 0 of it recieved by my guild-mate!
Each time I was told mail was sent.
where are these 1583 pieces of Elder Wood?
Both the guild-mate & me filed an in game bug report.
I have to ask…
Why didn’t the guild-mate recieve the mail?
Where are the 1583 Elder Wood now?
When will they be returned to ether the person they were mailed to, or the one mailing them?

there is 0 chance that a typo was made in the name, as from the main account. I was grouped with the guild-mate & right-clicked on thier icon in group to send the mail.
From the Alt-account, I opened the guild panel & right-click on the guild-mate’s name to send the mail.

It’s bad enough I have stage 4 cancer. All I have is time on my hands to help out guild-mates. I’m penilized for this with DR unfairly all the time. Now on top of that things I mail to crafters in my guild just disapear into thin air.

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The x/10 display is not always accurate, ask them to delete some of their mail so that any queued up mail can be received.