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A friend of mine recently got into GW2, and I’ve been helping him out by crafting weapons and armor for him as he levels. Recently, he sent me a bunch of crafting materials to make some new armor for him, but the mail containing them never arrived. We triple checked to make sure he’d sent them to the right account name, and everything seemed to be in order. I tried sending him some items I’d recently crafted for him, and they likewise failed to arrive. We hoped it was only a temporary issue, but when we logged on earlier this evening, the mail still hadn’t arrived.

Has anyone else been experiencing this problem, and if so, is there any word on what might be causing it and how to go about fixing it? I’d hate to think the items and crafting materials we were trying to exchange have just gone up in smoke.

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Make sure there’s room in your inbox. The mailbox has a cap on how many messages it can store at once, past that it will queue up new messages. Try deleting messages from your mailbox to see if new items arrive.