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During the live stream today ANet announced they will be reviewing a lot of the AoE damage skills as they are considered too powerful.

That in itself is fine. However AoE was one of the few effective ways to deny enemies revives during Zerg vs. Zerg clashes in WvW. Without any additional changes it will be very hard to stop people from reviving people constantly, which is already a big issue in WvW combat.

Are there any additional measures being taken to limit the abundance/relative ease of reviving/resurrections especially in WvW?

Considering that PvE won’t allow resurrections in combat any more maybe that rule should be applied to WvW as well?

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There are a few different knobs we can turn in regards to AoE some of the bigger ones being:
Radius of the AoE
Frequency of the AoE Damage
Damage of the AoE
Max Targets of the AoE

Currently, some players causing the AoE are able to do more damage to one person while also controlling a portion of the field, compared to a player with single target damage.
In our balance discussions we always look at what these changes could do to PvE as well as PvP. Any changes we make will undergo a lot of testing, both internal and by our trusted alpha team. It is important to understand that we are not doing a blanket nerf to all AE’s or a dramatic adjustment of the damage AoE’s can do. There may be some cases where players can build for AoE damage, but are just not viable or other cases where AoE is clearly the dominate way to build, and as such the other builds get left on the side lines. Its these classes/builds that we are concerned about.