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I followed this game before it’s release for around 3 years. Watched every developer podcast, read every interview, was active on the forums (these official forums didn’t exist) and was generally a giant fanboi.

I’ve played the game since release. Here are my thoughts:

The personal story was alright for the first 30 character levels. It was not good. It was not bad. It was alright. Once you get to the Lion’s Arch story section and the TERRIBLY written slapstick moronic writing ensues it takes an awful turn for the worst. The individual who thought the Zhaitan fight should be realistic and should require players to use giant cannons to kill him in the most repetitive manner possible needs to be fired. Reality should ALWAYS take a back seat to fun. Spamming a cannon shot for literally 10 minutes was the least fun I’ve ever had in a boss encounter. Literally, ever. In short, overall, the personal story was bad. Not awful, but a SOLID bad.

Combat is boring as hell. I have 5 skills I can use frequently, a few more skills I can use occasionally, and an elite skill I (generally) can’t use very often at all. Are there more skills than this? Of course, but I can’t use them in a given encounter. I’m locked in and all that character diversity is gone as soon as combat starts. Just about every single MMO I’ve ever played (even the bad ones) had more diversity in combat.

PvP is mundane. The fact that the developers came out and stated yesterday that they’re going to be pushing the conquest game type as the “competitive tournament game mode” made my jaw drop to the floor. For 6 months people have been screaming in the forums that this game type is unpopular and provides only 1 metagame revolving around a boring playstyle – bunkers.

CONSTANT nerfs to the economy that have increased the grind in this game to ridiculous levels has brought me to the point of not wanting to PvE at all. Scrounging for hours to acquire 1 gold (I’m exaggerating, but still) isn’t acceptable. If you have no end game content and the only thing you can think of is to increase the length of PvE grinds, then you need to be fired as a game developer. CONTENT keeps players. Not near infinite grinds. CONTENT. This isn’t a new concept.

These are my thoughts. What are yours?

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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know about your opinions and feedback. While we appreciate all pieces of negative and positive criticism that you send daily us (yes, we are reading), we do not allow posts that are non-constructive or just directly aimed to treat the dev team in a disrespectful way.

Therefore we proceed to close this thread, as a great number of posts do not follow this philosophy.
Thanks for your understanding.