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Often when we get error messages, it’s a pain to properly understand what the error means. It contains a mix of technical information and unintelligible numbers.

Please review all the error messages that we can face and put some natural language behind it.

The best example that comes to mind is when I try to connect to a NA dungeon instance as a European customer (yeah, late night + beers + gw2lfg.com do that sometimes). Well, I have no clue of what I do wrong. I simply get an error “can’t connect to <IP address>”. Hey, I don’t care about the IP address. The game client should know I’m trying to connect to an American server while I usually play on European servers and the client should show me that information. I’ll really care about the IP address when I’m sure the instance I’m entering is European for instance.

Since nearly all messages are technobabble (like in Star Trek where what they say only makes sense to scientists with a huge background in Star Trek itself), how can you expect that we properly identify an error done by us and an actual bug? I’m in the programming world and I should be thinking about what’s wrong and infer the actual error. But hey, for me GW2 is a game, a way to get the work out of my head. So while I can try and spend the time to understand the issue, most of the time I press “OK” without reading and do something else.

So proper messages is interesting for both you and us as you will get actual errors and we will properly understand what we did wrong.

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Hello to both of you.

Fror, thanks for your feedback, which will be forwarded on to the team. However, as this is not really a bug report, I am afraid I have to close it.
Thanks for your understanding.