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Today me and a whole bunch of people were trying to capture the Temple of Grenth. Unfortunately it only took one kitten to spoil it for the masses..

Try after try ONE people were able to sabotage the event by luring the boss to Keeper Jones again and again deliberatly failing the event to much grief to the rest of us. We were asking him politely several time to stop spoiling the fun for the rest of us, but he just said that “I dont care about you, I am not doing anything illegal, I just want to fail the event to be able to farm ice elementals”.

Is that working as intended? That one person can deliberately sabotage the same event over and over and over again, when the majority is trying to complete it? He stucked around for 2 hours plus sabotaging the event a dozen times, totally careless of the growing group of people asking him not to.

After two hours my playtime was up, and I could do nothing than logging off, very frustrated.

I would like to know if the devs are aware of this? That a few people can spoil it for the rest, just because “they want to farm”?

It’s not my idea of fun.

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Hello everyone.

Of course this kind of attitudes do not really benefit the community so we would suggest you to report them through the in-game reporting tools and also by sending a screenshot with more details to Customer Support via a ticket.

Just like we don’t permanently ban anyone on the forums for first time offences, the same goes in-game. The more you report, the better the game world will be. Thanks!