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Sudden Maximum Health Decrease, Warrior, level 80 with over 317 unspent skill points

Before my maximum life (that red dot in the middle of the screen thing) was 20300, but now it has for some reason dropped to 18972.
This happened not long after I got killed when trying to get to Grenth event. I got killed and after going back to nearest WP I noticed my life (again that red dot in the middle of the screen thing) was only 18972- this value is when it is full and no one is attacking me.
I do not understand how this could happened since I did not change anything on my character (traits,armor,equipment,skills).
MY VITALITY before was the same as it is now, it is just my total health bar(red dot) is only 18972.

A) How/why this happened and what should I do?
B) Is there any formula how I could check what my maximum health should be?

Thank you very much.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for all your answers. Since the problem has been solved and this not longer remains a bug report, we proceed to close the thread.