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A few days ago, my friend’s account got hacked. He lost all his armor, items, and gold. He sent a report in, and his account was recovered. All the items were returned to him. But then, a few hours later, he was permanently banned for gold selling. Whatever department is in charge of hackers, CLEARLY doesn’t communicate with the ban department—otherwise you would have KNOWN that the gold-selling activity on his account was done BY THE HACKER. Arenanet, this is rediculous!

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Hello everyone.

Weindrasi, your friend needs to sort this with Customer Support, which are the ones who can help him effectively in this kind of situations. Rest assured that he will have his account back once they revise his situation. This said, if the new ticket goes unanswered for three or more days, proceed to write the reference number and a brief description in the sticky for old threads.