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Hi Anet i’m having a slight problem with your services. My brother brought this game

way back in August but stopped playing because at the time there was no way to

recover his password.

You see he had forgotten it and at that time your system was

pretty flawed. Now, months later mind you, when he tries to get back into the game

after being detered for the first time he cannot because he doesn’t remember the

name of one of his characters (which mind you is a stupid requirement which most

account recovery services DO NOT use.)

Now when we tried to call YOU guys directly we COULDN’T. So we

were like “ok lets call Ncsoft” which only got us to the billing portion of their services.

We finally sent a support ticket in about this and its been almost TWO days without a

response. What gives man? I don’t know why a company so large has such a

flawed Coustmer Service System. So mabye you guys on the fourms can do better and

also take this feeback straight to your customer service department.

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Hello everyone.

Suizen, as Michael and Loli have correctly stated, the ticket is quite recent and you need to give time to Customer Support till they deal with it and get back to you. There is not much left we can do from here in your case and we would ask you to be alittle bit more patient. Rest assured that Support will contact you and your brother will return to Tyria soon enough.

Thanks for your patience.