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Recently i got hacked by strangers from US and CN.
I don’t know what to do i just clicked on disconnect, and i modified my password. I’am afraid i will get hacked again.
I want to protect my account.

If this is possible i want to restirct my account that i can only login from Hungary. If this is not possible i want that i can only login from this IP range: –
I got a static IP and it is shared with router, so i got this IP range.
So nobody else can login to my account.
I need a quick assistance because this is the second time. Its from the US and CN. Last time it fos from China or some Asian country.

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Hello everyone.

Shifty, from the forums there is not much we can do to help you. As Simplesimon states, you need to send a ticket to Customer Support so they can help you out with this incidence. In the meantime, we also recommend you to use the mobile and the email authenticators as an extra security layer for your account as well as changing your password to a unique one, never used before.