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Hi guys, not sure if I need a support ticket for this.

Today I tried buying gems to get some Black Lion Salvage Kits. I choose 800 gems – $10 option, put in my credit card number/info and then hit next/continue. I then got a screen saying “Banned_Master_Account” (see attached file)

Not sure what this means. I know that back when game launched I got hacked and the hacker charged $150 in the gem store purchases and since the account couldn’t be rolled back. The gems were never returned, and I had to fight it with my credit card.

I was told that the gems could not be removed from my account. Now I want to purchase more gems but it seems I am not allowed too. I really don’t think I should be penalized for something a hacker did?

Here is my old incident no. (Incident: 120828-018916)

You will see in the ticket that I reported the gem purchases and was upfront about it.

Can you help get my master account unbanned so I can happily spend some of my hard earned cash with you guys.

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Hello everyone.

Haxyou, you certainly need to contact again Customer Support with the old reference number, so they can revise your situation and sort things out for you. You can also provide them with that screenshot, as well as with all details that are important for this issue. If the ticket goes unanswered for three or more days, then proceed to copy your reference number and a brief description inside the sticky for old tickets.