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Mounts are cool.
This is not WoW, I know that, and there are no need for them due to the waypoint system but quite frankly they’re awesome. Unlike Ascended gear (I like the idea of Ascended gear) it gives you no advantage against anyone else despite a slight increase in speed which can be achieved using skills which I believe all professions have.
It would give people something to work towards without half the community raging about a “treadmill”.
Make it happen arenanet, please

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Hello everyone.

As already pointed out by some users here, there are already threads in the Suggestion subforum that suggest the possibility of implementing mounts in Tyria. Therefore and in order to avoid duplicates of the same topic over and over again, I would ask you to keep your discussions in the already existing threads there. For example, in this one.

Thank you very much for your understanding.