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Hi, I was stupid enough to migrate to an NA server from an EU one, hoping the latency wouldn’t completely ruin the game for me, and well, it did.

I would very much like to be able to play this game, and if I get stuck at that server it renders my account pretty much useless, so what I’m wondering is; If I delete my characters, will I then be able to change home world?

I know those seven days of cooldown for a transfer, but I would like to be sure to get on the right server while I can, and I’m not sure I’ll be online in a couple of days when my cooldown is over.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Flingurt.

I am afraid there is no much we can do from the forums nor from Customer Support to help you with this issue. I do not know when you made your last server transfer but theoretically you could still transfer to another one after the seven days have passed, before the 28th arrives. By deleting all your characters you will remain still in the same server and you will need to wait anyways. However, if you do not mind losing all your progress, you can uninstall and install again the game and then you can choose another world. These are your possibilities.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.