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I just bought an entire set of new runes, four Runes of Divinity to be exact. I applied two of them right away to pieces of my armor, and found I could not replace existing runes in my other armor pieces (even though I’ve been able to do this before, and I can still do this with the armor I’ve already attached the Runes of Divinity to). So… I went and bought new cultural armor, of my suited level, and now I can’t apply my rune of divinity to my cultural armor even though it has an unused item slot! Why? I’ve found nothing that suggests certain runes can’t be used on certain items, and what is even dumber is existing runes can be destroyed and replaced in some armor items but not others. Why!? Is this a bug or did the Guild Wars developers really make the game this difficult to play. I mean, I just bought NEW armor and NEW runes so I could use them together, and now I can’t even use them together and it was a waste of gold!

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It does sound like a bug. Could you post some more info? What is your level, whats the level requirement on the runes, armor, etc.