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I filled out all the information and the link to paypal is greyed out so I’m unable to click on it. Opening up Explorer and going to Paypal directly does not show any pending items.

Then again, why would Anet be asking for my name/address when PP ought to be only EMAIL account bound? Since the email I use for PP and GW2 are different I see failure ahead.

I guess I did not really need to purchase a “Black Lion Key” in the 1st place. (simply distroyed the other three chests I’ve gotten as they were annoyingly taking up inventory space)

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I was able to purchase some by using my debit card. (using the ‘click somewhere else’ trick). Paypal never did work. Oh well.

I’m glad you were able to purchase, but sorry for the inconvenience. This sounds like something I should point out to the folks who work on the UI. Thanks for your understanding.