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If you’ve ever played a female sylvari, or attacked the nightmare court, you’ve heard the little “ahf ahf ahf!” noise that I am now officially sick of. It’s the little yappy dog noise that gets played every time you get hit. As a mesmer, all of my clones and phantasms also make this noise, along with every other female sylvari NPC that doesn’t have a unique voice actor. And, considering I’ve been doing Twilight Arbor to try to get armor and weapons which puts me in the way of plenty of female nightmare court, I’ve hit my maximum tolerance for this noise. It has to be the one noise in the game that now makes my ears want to shrivel up and hide in a hole.

It’s so kitten high pitched, and staccato, and distinctive. Does it have to play three times every time you get hit? Do all of the clones and phantasms have to make it too? And every female sylvari NPC on top of that? Could it maybe just be on a critical hit, or on cripple, or something instead of every time I get aggro.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this noise is single-handedly responsible for making me not want to play a character I otherwise love and am very happy with. Please, if something could be done about the pitch and frequency of it, that’d be amazing.

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Hello, and thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to post about the issue with all sylvari females “yipping” occasionally when they take damage. A bug was found with one of the sound files—yes, a bona fide bug and not a matter of taste. The problem was fixed in a previous patch. I believe the fix came through with the Wintersday content.

Everyone who was plagued by the issue, feel free to play your female sylvari characters again and let us know what you think!