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Are these accounts permanently closed without further investigation? I was going to post in the Tickets for Review thread but saw in an earlier post in that thread that the accounts will not be released.

Like, I can’t call up my bank or anything to dispute this? And I’d have to buy another copy of the game, start up all over again, reconnect with all my friends, etc etc, just because I’m not being given a chance to show proof that I was indeed using my own credit card and my credit company had ordered the chargeback and it wasn’t a fraudulent transaction?

Ticket reference #130112-001258, just so you know what case I’m talking about.

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Tickets are always reviewed. A “charge-back” request comes directly from the customer. A credit card agency will not process a charge-back unless it is initiated by and made with the consent of the credit-card holder. So if you did not initiate the charge-back, perhaps someone else did so on behalf of the credit card account: A spouse, a parent, a partner, etc.

Put another way, if a bank or credit card agency is going to stop a purchase, they simply do not accept it to begin with. They don’t accept it and then later file a charge-back. And the most recent response contained information that let you know that we have no record that you or someone related to the cared attempted to resolve any issues with us, and therefore, unfortunately, did not have a chance to resolve whatever that issue may have been. Instead, the charge-back was filed. And at that time, all monies paid to us were refunded, as requested.

I reviewed the ticket, and had one of the team members do so as well. The account cannot be reinstated or released for the application of a new serial code.