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Regional FlagUpgrade trial acc, lost password.. no can doSource
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Obviously not my account that th issue is with, but I have just this evening bought my friend a code for his B’day. He played the trial during Lost Shores event and is trying to link the code with that account.

He’s got no recollection of his password (probably my bad as I told him to make a really secure one due to the hackings etc), but when he tries to reset it, he get’s the message that it cannot be done due to him not having a code registered to his account

He has submitted a ticket but, just wanted to see if there was an easier solution. Our Spvp has gone out of the window

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I’m sorry about the delay, but the team will need to help him because they can look up the various components of the account, verify ownership, and provide him with the info he needs. Thanks for your patience — both of you!