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I bet 10 gold that some people are going to read the title, and that’s it.

Can we stop dropping the WoW clone on every single idea that’s close related to WoW?
Just because another game has done something doesn’t mean GW2 can’t do it.

The business model should be. “What have they done in the past, and how can I do it better.”

Not. “They did it, never speak about it!”

WoW was the best MMORPG for a long, long time for a reason. They had great ideas, and sadly it seems like Blizzard is killing WoW in favor of their new game Titan.

There’s a plenty of aspects from WoW that could be used in this game to improve it, but community is backlashing the smallest idea even though it could improve the game massively.

And honestly.. WoW and GW2 are very similar in a lot of ways, and it’s time to admit this.

So can we please drop the WoW Clone saying, and start saying.

“How could Arenanet do what WoW did, but BETTER.”

Some of the ignorant behavior on this forum is insanely disheartening.

We can’t have 8-12 man dungeons?
Guild Wars 1 did.

And here’s a few things to think about it.
If GW2 is so different from WoW.
Why is there 5 man dungeons? They’re not different from the 5 man dungeons in WoW. In fact they are worse. (Unless it’s fractals. They totally did that right in my eyes)

Take out the dodge gimmick, and what’s the real difference between WoW combat, and GW2 combat?

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Hello everyone,

Even if the topic of this thread could have been constructive, we’ll now close it as this thread is derailing into off topic discussions.

Also, we would like to remind you that the comparison between GW2 and other games is accepted as long as it’s to support your opinion or argumentation. However, opening a thread dedicated to this kind of comparisons has to be avoided as most of the time it derails into off topic, unconstructive exchanges etc…