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I have a problem with my trading post, it doesn’t work since the beginning of my game. I already wrote to tech support and on the next day it was fixed. But happiness lasted not for long. Now im writting here, hope for your help.
As you can see in the screenshot, the “Buy” button is inactive when i want to buy something. And there is nothing at the screen, when i want to sell.
Please help/fix it/or tell me what can i do to fix it for myself!
PS. Sorry for my english

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Hello everyone.

Vadiana, as Mespilia says, most of the times this is a temporal issue that gets resolved after restarting the client again. Other times it is due to maintenance procedures and it is also temporary. Please, whenever you encounter this bug, exist and start the game again. If this does not solve the problem, then proceed to write a ticket to Customer Support to inform them about this.