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So, there seems to be a split between people who think mounts are bad, and people that think mounts are good, with the occasional sprinkle of people that don’t really care either way in the middle. I’m one of those people that fell into the middle category.

I honestly do not see the harm in adding mounts into the game, however I don’t see why they should spend development time on something that’s essentially kinda useless at this point. On the other hand, they pretty much already have mounts in the game, example: broomstick, so I don’t see why they can’t just re-skin the broomstick to look like a Dolyak or a Minotaur, or a Flesh Golem. However, if they do decide to do this, I believe that they should be able to be used in combat.

This would help in some long travel times for WvWvW when there are no way points, and would be frankly just cool to see when armies face off, mounted on beast, or armed to the teeth in steel. However, I feel like there is also a risk of mounts being mandatory in WvWvW, making the army with the most mounts the best, making them a buy to win mechanic. Perhaps there can be a consumable mount that you can buy from the merchant in WvWvW? In any case…

Mounts would be widely useless as a mechanic in PvE, and in sPvP, seeing as there are waypoints everywhere in PvE, and in PvP I don’t see how mounts would be effective at all. That said, I don’t see the harm in adding them in, at all. It would just be another thing to buy to look cool, and even if they were useable in combat I wouldn’t really mind. Mounts were used by enemies in GW1 so I don’t see the harm in adding some here for players. I just do not think that this should be the primary focus of the development team at this time.

But who knows? Maybe they’ll add them in when an expansion comes out, adding a new mechanic and a new spice to the game, but if they do that people might just complain that it’s buy to win because you need the expansion to get mounts and blah blah blah the argument never ends.

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Hello there.

This topic has been widely discussed here already and there are still threads popping out in the Suggestion subforum from time to time so we would kindly request you to search for them and contribute with your thoughts there in order to avoid duplicates of the same topic.

Thanks for your understanding.