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Hi all,

Went out for some fun in WvW tonight with my team. Even though we are way outnumbered (usually 30-50 vs 10-20) still fun to get in there and do the best ya can….


Bot group shows up.. I was like wha? About 15-20 characters all botted up. They moved like botts and really drained all the fun out of WvW. I thought this bot problem had been fixed.

First time i’ve seen this in WvW, anyone seen this issue? Should be a way to report this and have a GM check it right away. This is the type of thing you don’t wait a week to fix as it affects the whole servers score. Its a PVP fun kill joy.

- Lord Kismet
Ring of Destiny

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Hello everyone.

Yes, the team is aware of the presence of bots in WvW as well and fighting against them since the beginning as a priority. We would like to ask you to keep on reporting those fellows as soon as you see them, through the in-game reporting tools (screenshots and vids to Customer Support are also a possibility) as this helps us effectively.

Thanks for your reports and your patience. It´s greatly appreciated.