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So I just woke up bout 5 hours ago after a great night on wvw and have a message that I got banned for Gold selling or aiding in gold selling… I have been doing nothing yesterday but WvW or in L.A. jumping around, weeks ago I have recieved 70 gold from a friend for my t3 cultural armor perhaps that might have caught the Anet devs attention? But last night I was on WvW almost 90% the time I played the game… Please unban my account and if possible respond to my support ticket as soon as possible. Thank You…

Ticket: 130123-002267

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Hello everyone.

As AwwGee has pointed out, we would like you to report those PMs you get, as the denounces get directly to us and we can act accordingly. Regarding the other issue: rest assured that once your case is cleared, your account will get back to you but you need to be a little bit patient. As indicated before, if you do not get an answer in thee or four days, then proceed to post the reference number in that sticky thread.