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Regional FlagWhat server is everyone being kicked!?Source
Kain Francois.4328
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Without calling out other users, they continuously create threads complaining how they’re booted from dungeons at the end, or how they’re rejected from groups for being Engineer, Elementalist, Thief, and even Guardian! (WTF!?)

What servers are they playing on? I’m playing on Northern Shiverpeaks and I was never kicked from a dungeon before, nor’ rejected based on my class

I’m just really scratching my head here considering most of my experiences have been pretty good.

Of course, if anyone here is having trouble, feel free to whisper me ingame and I’ll group with you.

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Hello everyone.

As it has already been stated before, this practice is of course not related to any specific server and generalisations about this should not be made, for obvious reasons. Having this in mind, we proceed to close the thread.

Thanks for your understanding.