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Will we finally get more WP to compensate?

Some paths offer next to no way points, arah/coe being considered hard dungeons ( alpha/lupicus/dwayna seperating men/women from mice. ) are very high contenders for long runs when you revive.

I always considered the way points we had good, since I thought they were scarce to prevent too much zerg reviving, but removing the option to do so will make for needless running that aren’t needed anymore.

Just a few dungeons/paths have these tedious runs, would be nice to now have a few extra WPs.


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I do intend on putting more waypoints into dungeons, but due to the work required for this upcoming patch we didn’t get enough time to make it happen.
I’m not a fan of “punishment running” wherein your punishment for failing is having to run a long distance back to the fight. To discourage res rushing potential we went initially with fewer waypoints. Now that we are implementing a new tech, I would like to add more to reduce the time spent running back to an objective.
We have more info coming soon to how the system will be working.

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So you’re just punishing us this patch, promising us compensation for the increased difficulty Soon?

You should hold with the respawn changes until you got the additional Waypoints ready…

Turning off res rushing was a programatic thing to do. As a designer, I spent the entirety of this last patch’s development tuning and ensuring encounters could be accomplished without res rushing.
When you see the patch notes, you’ll be more aware of how much work went into making the anti res-rushing fix not a punishment or an increase in difficuly, but rather a solution to a problem.

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Any chance for a sneak peek? Just one encounter….?


Throw us a bone here!

I was hoping it would be a surprise, but sure. I rebuilt the “Defend Magg while he plants the bomb” event in CoF (path 2). It now involves a special flame legion assassin who must be killed before he reaches Magg, while dealing with never-ending spawns of (non veteran…) flame legion out to distract the players and add pressure.

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Robert, are you the head/one of the top people on the dungeon team (it’s possible I just made up “dungeon team”)? You are one of the most communicative members of the ArenaNet staff and you seem to post with solid and satisfying information (possibly a luxury when dealing with dungeon design as opposed to WvW culling or the ephemeral concept of class balance), it would be interesting to know if you are a minion or the guy holding the whip.

Even when I disagree with things the “dungeon team” does, at least I usually understand them from your posts.

After Fractals shipped and just before this last week, I have been the sole designer on the Live Team’s dungeon content. We have designers on the team for other content, but because I built a few of the dungeons we launched with, I am familiar with the current content. I am also a passionate dungeon player, so I feel like it’s been a good fit for me to update and upkeep the dungeons.
In a sense, I both hold the whip and and whipping myself in regards to dungeon content and getting things done (ouch). I have my leads that I answer to and get permissions from, but largely I am acting on what I feel is making the dungeons better. I am leading the charge on improving dungeon content, but I am not a manager or anything – I’m a “in the trenches” designer who just so happens to also post a lot in the dungeon forums to keep players up to date and keep an eye on things.

This last week I have been allotted a fellow designer (who sometimes posts here) by the name of William, who is going to help me with updating dungeon content and our plans going forward (we have big stuff coming down the pipeline for dungeons).

Some TA paths might benefit from additional WPs. Just saying.


I misread the last part as pleasure.

Oh myyyy.