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Exploit to get to them or not?

I bring it up because after I was on a CoF run with a PUG that showed me how to get to them, I showed it to my guild, and we make a point of hitting the oozes whenever we do CoF. When we pick up a PUG or two, we’re happy to teach people how to get there, and the mechanics of the boss fight, but recently, I’ve had people ask on runs: “Is this working as intended, or is this an exploit.”

So far as I know, it’s working as intended. It’s taking extra time, and there’s only one slightly tricky jump to get to the bosses, and it’s not like you’re killing a boss that doesn’t deal damage back.

Dunno if we can get an official response, but I would love to see what the community consensus is.

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As the Dev who built it, I am fine with players doing Ferra’s path also doing the bonus encounter. It’s a tricky jump down, and an additional boss they have to face. It’s a bonus event, and it doesn’t cause any problems with Rhiannon’s path that I know of, so I’m fine with players going out of their way for that additional optional boss.