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Dear Sirs,
I am wiritng to inform you that at night on January 22 my game account was hacked, according to the log information available at my account, the unauthorized login was made from the IP addresses elisted below:
AZ , US ( ) –
CA , US ( ) –
CA , US ( ) –
I managed to retrieve the account. However, a lot of things were stolen from character’s bank slots, and, what is even worse, the character itself was transferred onto another server. I played on Seafarers Rest but the char was transferred to the American Eredon Terrace.
I kindly ask you to transfer my character back to the Seafarers Rest, as, according to the news, since January 28, the transfer will cost gems, but at the moment I am not able to execute this operation myself due to transfer limitations.
I sincerely hope that the measures will be taken against those account hijackers. Your attention to this inquiry is greatly appreciated.

Very best regards,

ArenaNet Poster
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I encourage you to contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you. For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.