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So i have been playing gw2 for some time now and am loving it but was wondering if its possible to allow my brother or a friend of my play the game for few hours and see if they like it?? even when they live/study in different country then i am.
I was trying to find a post that would help me answer that but all i could find is a message to the take a look at the user agreement, so i looked it up and what i understand from it is that its only allowed in your own household, so could you plz elaborate if i am able to “barrow” my account to my brother working in a different country..?

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Sharing accounts is a really bad idea. I’ve seen so many cases of this going bad, up to and including divorced couples fighting over an account, both being able to “prove” they are the “owners,” and our team being forced to close the account due to its disputed ownership. This has happened with friends, family members, and roommates, as well. I’ve seen accounts stripped by those same friends, family members, and roommates. Best items binned by a vengeful “Evil Little Brother.” And so forth.

The User Agreement prohibits account sharing. We can’t make it right if there are ugly repercussions, and as a player, I encourage you to not do it!