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Regional FlagRequest Action: Abuse of Report Function.Source
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During our ascent through the tiers with Kaineng, War Machine has endeavored to be as honorable and respectful as is possible in a competitive PvP format.

The majority of our opponents and allies (individuals, guilds and servers) have also acted in this grain, and we can have no complaint about their conduct. However, at the same time as we have strong honorable opponents on one hand, there have also been some questionable tactics implemented by less respectful, weaker opponents who, having seen our strength, and unquestionably superior team-play, seek to damage our guild, and our server through underhand methods.

These methods include but are not limited to, comprehensive slander on both the official, and sometimes unofficial forums, unfounded and unproven accusations that we are multiboxing, botting, exploiting and generally taking part in dishonorable conduct.

I wish to state that all of these accusations are false, under no circumstances would anyone in War Machine ever exploit in any of the aforementioned ways and anyone proven to be doing so would be removed from our community.

Several members of our guild have received automatic bans for botting Immediately before reset on the 25’th of January. These bans are currently being appealed, but it is highly disruptive to our guild’s functionality and our preparation for reset.

This behavior cannot be allowed to pass unnoticed, War Machine is being systematically targeted by a group of people who are willing to violate the code of conduct in order to sabotage another server’s community.

Thank you for any help in this matter.

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I want to clear something up here, we do not auto-ban people without investigating the account first. Our CS staff reviews reports that come in and if they find questionable activity, they take whatever action they deem appropriate.

You may receive an automated response if you appeal actions taken against your account, but any action we take is reviewed and enacted by human beings.

It is true that we have reinstated folks that were banned erroneously for questionable activity, but we don’t take action against an account unless a very solid reason presents itself upon review.

Please note that I’m not commenting specifically on the actions take against those accounts mentioned in the OP and I have no information on why any action was taken in the cases mentioned. I just want everyone to understand that we don’t ban people just because they get a lot of reports against them, our CS folks have to find and confirm actual infractions before we take any action.