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So after decent amount of time listening to people on our server dying and calling out for aid, at sleepy time for Fergs and Sorrows, ET actually learnt for a brief time how to take ground and for the most part it has boosted moral slightly. But they had to wait for the opposing teams to be offline mostly due to our lack of numbers inside WvW.

we have had a few people come to our server recently to find out why we are failing horribly and it is a combination of low morale, Zerging with low number (our server would rather sit and talk in cities or dungeon) and then there is just the blatant not paying attention to what people are saying in chat when suggestions are made, not to mention some of the guilds have recently transferred off server and the people we have transferring in either are not working with the people who have been there for some time, or are just more people zerging and then leaving (i.e. “ok we took it all we can go now”) They don’t realize that when they leave (in some cases) 60% of the populace leaves with them.

4 people can not hold EB though as we found out they can hold the overlook.

We also have the typical problem of people not listening to their commanders but when the commanders don’t listen to each other why should they pay attention to the leadership. I am noticing that some commanders will try and have everyone on them regardless of what others are trying to achieve which blatantly shows they don’t care that there is another commanders on the map trying to help in their own way. There are not many of these people but they are still there and mostly on at critical times.

OH and some of the insults the commanders dish out. I’m a commander and I barley say what i’m doing but people pick it up quickly and telling them that they did well actually makes people work harder.

ET did well, they need to remember taking is easy when you know how but if you don’t learn how to hold it, taking means nothing if it is lost before the points roll over.

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Hello Shiniou.

We proceed to close this thread since there is already another match-up thread, here, so we kindly request you to repost this again in that particular thread. Thanks!