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Warning: crafting noob content below.

As I was leveling my mesmer, I also leveled tailoring to about 225-ish. I didn’t go any further with it because the price of fine mats was steeper than I could easily afford. So I ended up finishing leveling via Personal Story and zone completion.

So, now I have a half-finished tailor, and I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile for me to finish leveling to 400? or not? Of course, I realize “worthwhile” is a highly subjective term, but I wonder what others out there think about the matter? Is there anything that high-level tailoring is going to do for me that make it desirable?

I’m already geared in exotics, and happy with the skins I have, etc.

Thanks for any input.

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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for all your answers and input. Since the question seems to be answered for Spiral Architect, we proceed to close the thread now.