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As a title suggest, I am looking for a new class to play and mainly for WvW. I am an old player returning, so I have somewhat knowledge about the game. What is a good class to play right now in WvW? I am about to come back and level a new class. I used to play short bow hunter, but they got nerfed, i would say significantly on the ASPD. How is a long bow hunter now? I haven’t played in a very long time so I need some suggestions! I know warrior on rogue is still OP. I would go Warrior if there is only two choice left for WvW. If I can though, I rather play hunter. I like to be range most of the time, but I can adapt myself into playing a new class. If you guys can, please give me some suggestions and a little brief explanation on why they are good in WvW, thanks!

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for that input, guys, and enjoy your Elementalist, SikStyle. Since the question has already been answered, we proceed to close the thread now. Thanks again!