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I thought this was about General topics, but why do moderators move threads about General stuff to a less populated forum sometimes?

This is not a suggestion ANet, i asked a very specific question on this thread; https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/suggestions/Duel-tittle-too-short/first#post1286856 and it got moved to a “suggestion” subforum where I would be lucky to get two answers…….

Please define “General” so I can put my threads on the right forum, or should I assume you want to hide the “duel” function we have all been asking for so long?

ANd yes, this is a General thread, i cant possible think this would fit anywhere else. Almost all the threads (all) i make get moved….. Lets try to UNIFY the forums instead of having 100 partitions where for the most part most topics arent really “defined”.

Inb4 deleted, and yes ANet, im a little angry and indignated, I work at customer service and this would be the equivalent of somebody coming to ask me something and me sending them to a dark, isolated room where they will get no real solution until i feel like it.

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Dear Fortus,
the opening post in the link you gave starts with “why don´t we…?”, which makes it clearly a suggestion. Therefore, it was moved to the appropriate sub-forum. That doesn´t mean your topic will get less readers or less attention or that moderators are trying to hide it. The sub-forums need to be divided into different categories to be logical and also to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for
If your topic doesn´t belong to any of the other sub-forums, then it can stay in the general discussion one. As for unifying the forums, thanks , it is another suggestion and it shall be passed on the team. Thank you for your contribution.