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One ArenaNet employee said on reddit that a central place where we could post information about inventory icon anomalies would be really helpful and would help in fixing them.

So I’d ask other players to pot here any inventory icons related issues you have noticed in game.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Inquest Helm(Crucible of Eternity dungeon armor) for medium armor is using the icon of Furnace Reward Helm(Sorrow’s Embrace dungeon armor) for medium armor.
  • Inquest Weapons(Crucible of Eternity) inventory icons should be added to Dark Asuran Weapons(Sorrow’s Embrace). The latter have mostly stock icons.
  • Twilight Armor weapons: Nightmare Harpoon, Nightmare Trident, Nightmare Greatsword don’t have unique icons like the other nightmare weapons.
  • Arah weapons have stock icons.
  • Medium Norn Tier 2 armor(Predatory) is using icons from Medium Norn Tier 1 armor(Wolfborn).
  • All heavy and light Norn Cultural sets are using the same stock icons.
  • Lionguard weapons from all tiers are using the icons from Norn Tier 3 cultural weapons.
  • Wolfborn harpoon(Norn Tier 3 cultural weapon) does not have unique icon like all other Wolfborn weapons.
  • Norn tier 1 and tier 2 cultural weapons are using stock icons.
  • Ebon Vanguard Greatsword and Speargun are using stock icons for all 3 tiers.
  • Charr Cultural Tier 3 weapons are using icons from Charr Cultural Tier 1
  • Carrion Flame weapons(Charr Tier 2 cultural): Trident icon is completely different; speargun and spear have stock icons.
  • Ravaging Steam Weapons(Charr Tier 1 cultural): Spear has stock icon; Rifle/Speargun and Staff/Trident have the same icon, but they also have the same weapon model so it’s probably not a bug.

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Hooray this thread! Yes, we are wanting to address as many icon issues as we can, but it’s such a huge game that it can be hard for us to find all the anomalies ourselves. We have a pretty good handle on what weapons don’t have unique icons that match its model and we are slowly working our way through that list. We’ve been updating various weapon icons in pretty much every patch.

Things that are particularly helpful:

  • Icons for Karma Accessories or Consumables that make no sense for what it is.
  • Weapon icons that are wrong when you KNOW there is a correct icon out there, it just hasn’t been matched up correctly.
  • Armor icons that don’t match their model. Particularly if the icon looks like it belongs to a different weight class.
  • Anything else that doesn’t make sense :p

Keep this stuff coming, we will be watching this thread for sure!

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Linsey, I understand GW2 is very large and the sheer volume of items in it that sometimes things here and there can be misplaced/misaligned, whatever word you want to use for the mix-up of icons; but don’t you think the people that were hired for this should have got it right the first time around? While icons are not specifically high on the to-do list, how can they manage to only get 5 of 6 armor pieces correct or to forget a whole set of weapons? I understand the odd one here and there but there has been a lot of muck-ups and they should be fixed asap, not waiting until there is a new monthly patch.

This was not a case of us mucking things up and not getting it right the first time. There are literally tens of thousands of items in the game. We simply could not generate unique art for all those items in time for ship and did not feel that not having unique icons for all the items in the game warranted pushing back our release date. Each icon is hand painted by one of our concept artists and they take pride in their work, which is why we are making an extra effort, in addition to all our other duties, to fill in the holes that we know are there. That takes time. It’s not like we are just waiting to do it, we are generating new icons every day and we push them Live in the soonest patch we can.

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omg, any chance I can get this post noticed by Linsey?

Can you please make the sPvP locker come in columns of 12? Armor sets come in a set of 6 pieces, and having 10 columns just makes the arrangment all out of whack. It would be much, much, much, much more easier to track if it were in columns of 12 (two sets per row).

That would be a major UI change. I don’t think that is something we can do. Sorry. There might be changes in the order that could help make it more manageable, I’ll look into if that is something we can do.

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We already have a really good and comprehensive list of what weapons need icons that we are working off of, so you guys don’t need to report weapons without icons. I haven’t had the time to make that same list for armors or all the consumables and trinkets. It takes days to dig through all the files and cross reference everything to make lists like that, but I’ve already done it for weapons. I’ll do armors next when I find the time in between my assigned tasks. I would say that the top priority in reports would be things like the Ash Legion Spy Kit and Whispers Spy Kit. Those are the kinds of things that slip through the cracks. Weapons and armors don’t really slip through per se, there are just so many of them to get through that it’s going to take a long time before all of them have icons that match their models.

Our Goddess of Icons, Maryeli, is going to be keeping an eye on this thread as well, so by all means, heap on the praise. She is amazing and she totally deserves it!

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Also, thanks for the reports on the HoM stuff! I’ll take a look at all of those. Sounds like something funny is going on there.