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As some of you may be aware, we have recently had a rash of gold sellers spamming your forum inboxes. In an effort to halt this activity, we will be implementing new limitations on private messaging. From this point onward, players will have to wait 72 hours from their first forum login before they are able to send a private message on the forums.
We have blocked all the accounts involved and this new limitation will prevent gold sellers from abusing our forum systems in the future.
Thank you for your understanding.

How is this solution to the problem?

You have to solve the source of problem instead of just limitations on private messaging.

They are selling Legendary items with your system not only Gold.

Like making account bound that items and gold trade limitation for per day and week and month can be start point of solving this issue ( like real life credit cards ).

I’m pretty sure people of this community can find any other good solutions.

And I must add i’m not using forum’s pm system maybe couple of times and i don’t care about it but game.

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Please understand, just because we put this limitation in to stop the RMT spam, does not mean we are not working on the greater issue.

We wanted to get this change in to put an immediate stop to the spam while other teams are working on addressing the rest of the problem.