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I have a question, i have 2 accounts, i bought my first one, and it got hacked within days of purchasing, and this was during the time when everyone was getting hacked. At the time, i wasn’t sure if i would ever get that account back. So i bought a second account, which has become my main account. My questions are #1 – is there anyway to un-link the first account from my original guild wars account so that i can get my hall of monuments awards? #2 – I have multiple friends that are interested in the game, can i use my second account as like a trial account for them? so that maybe they can decide if it is worth them purchasing? I know you aren’t supposed to sell accounts or share them, but i would not sell it, and it would just be used sparingly for trial purposes between very trusted friends.

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Sharing — even in the limited form you suggest — is against the User Agreement. I strongly urge you to not do this, and to be aware that if you do, Support cannot assist with any issues that may (and often do) arise from such shared access.