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I play a female sylvari guardian on Devona’s Rest. A few weeks ago I purchased the heavy guild armor from the guild vendor in divinity’s reach. When purchasing the armor the preview window showed a different but similar looking symbol than our Guild symbol. I bought the armor hoping it would correct the issue once I wore it (since it looked like a texture glitch). Our guild symbol for the White Lotus Society is a spiral like flower, please see screenshot.

Buying it did not fix the problem. Upon further scrutiny, I discovered that the guild symbol on my armor is actually correct, but has been mirrored down the center, likely due to the fact that the UV channel for that texture was also mirrored. Since our Guild symbol is an asymmetrical symbol, this has a very odd effect on the final appearance.

I have sent a few in-game guild reports already and was instructed to also create a forum post here as well. Has anyone else had something similar happen to their guild symbol, and if so, mind telling if they have had any luck getting it fixed?

Also, I’d like to note that I have another sylvari character, a thief, and her medium guild armor has no defects or problems at all.


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please use the existing topics to post your issue. ThereĀ“s this
sticky already on the same topic.
Thanks and have a nice day!