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I am not sure if this is the correct forum, if not please re-direct it.

I recently transferred servers, and I still have a 4 day cooldown.

I was wondering if when the paid transfers go live, if the cooldown resets? I wish to rejoin my friends on another server, but waiting nearly a week is not ideal Arenanet would still get my money for a paid transfer, just a bit sooner if they can reset my transfer cooldown when the paid transfer goes live on Monday. (Or if you are really good sports, reset it now for free! )

Either way, whether direct assistance will be provided or not, I still have the question if the cooldown will reset itself when paid transfers go live.


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Hello everyone.

Cesmode, as already indicated here, yes, the week cooldown will still be there (jump to the bullet points of the following article on guesting and transfers).