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This morning i ran a few AC runs then logged off, my daughter has 2 alts on my account but i grilled her and she did not even know what Gems was for.

I get back on about 8 hours later and all of my gems are completely missing. Even the small odd amount that cant be used in the gem store thats over 1400 are missing.

The last transactions i made show what i used gems for int he past, there is nothing new added to this.

I am not sure what else to do, my Email is secure (change the PW weekly) my account password is changed as of 3 minutes ago.

I do not feel i have been hacked because all of my assets other than gems is intact and i would assume those would be gone also if i was hacked. They would amount to well over 300 gold.

If i can get some sort of assistance i would appreciate it.

Am i wrong assuming every transaction pertaining to gems is tracked ?

Thanks for your time.

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Hello everyone.

Dradiin, you can certainly try to contact Customer Support regarding this issue to see if they can be of any assistance. I would not build up my hopes for those gems though.