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Hello I have a couple of crafting questions and I am not sure if I am currently doing one of them wrong.

I am a 116 Initiate chef that is level 43, I am trying to figure out why that if I have the items I cannot craft any dyes not even the ones which have turned gray for me. I am at the cooking station in the human city and still nothing.

Also yesterday I put in a ticket asking about this but it shows nothing to track said ticket or that it even went through.

When I ask around players say I should be able to craft them. For instance I have 21 walnuts and 25 black beans yet the crafting button is still grayed off.

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Hello Asper.

Welcome to Tyria and the official forums! The GW2 Wiki has a great deal of information about crafting so it´s a great source to start with; and of course the forums and players here can also help you solving problems or questions you may have.

As this particular question is solved, we proceed to close the thread.