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Hello people!

Since 2,5 weeks i play Gw2. I am now lvl 69 on one character and decided today to make a new one. Well everything was going alright. Just going great.. And suddenly i got a unidentified dye. i was pretty happy with it and i feld lucky. So i decided to identify it. And then arenaNET’s evil troll appeared. I got a midnight blue dye, Worth 80 silver at the black lion and i was very happy! .. Until i realised i can’t sell it nor give it to my other account.

How can i sell this dye for the price it is worth? 80 silver is like 1/5th of my entire GW2 bank. so it is pretty much for me…

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Hello everyone.

Carnivoor, we are glad to hear that your problem is solved. Good to know as well that we do not have unnecessary trolls walking around.

So we proceed to close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.