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I setup the google authenticator back when it was first announced as available for use. It took several tries to get the Ipod App to link properly to my account but it finally was successful and seemed to be working properly. That lasted for maybe a week. Now the patcher looks like it did before the link, i.e. no box to input the google code; just input email and password and it logs right into the game.

Looking at my account settings here on the website still shows me as having the google app linked. Is there any way to get it working again, other than unlinking and going through the arduous process all over? It was a pain to do the first time and I do not relish the thought of having to go through it again.

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I believe that this is working as intended, so that you are not required to input a code each and every time you log in from your normal location (i.e., home). I talked to our Security Team about this a few weeks ago and I believe that in the final version of the Authenticator, you will be given the option to require the inputting of a code each time. That option isn’t available now, but as I said, I believe it may become available when the Authenticator moves out of beta.