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Fixed a bug where creatures in dungeons were no longer becoming invulnerable to players they couldn’t reach.
Updated the costs of several dungeon reward items to be consistent with their costs in other dungeons. These include leggings, chestpieces, and shoulder armor from Ascalonian Catacombs; tridents and assorted armor pieces from Sorrow’s Embrace; and focuses from Caudecus’s Manor.

Fractals of the Mists

Swampland fractal: The tripwires have been rebuilt to reflect their names. Several have been lifted out of the ground and made more visible.
Fractal Marshes: The traps in the first area now scale with the difficulty scale of the fractal.
Fractals: Added day or night time to specific fractals. Day and night do not cycle.
Underwater Fractal: The Jelly boss will no longer try to devour NPCs like pets and minions before they try to eat players. If no players are around, it will eat NPCs.
Fixed various exploits and minor bugs.

Ascalonian Catacombs

Story—The Lovers: Reduced health for both bosses and damage from Ralena.
Story—Coffin Intro: Additional coffins cannot be interacted with once the boss shows up.
Story—Ranger: Damage has been reduced for the trap skill.
Story: Some enemy group compositions have been altered.
Story—Adelbern: Reduced damage and modified his melee attack.
Explorable—Detha’s Chain: Decreased the recharge time for cannons in the final event and modified their attacks.
Explorable—Detha’s Chain: Adjusted the respawn rate of the groups at the “Defend Detha and her traps” event.


Story: Reduced most veterans to regular strength during the ship events.
Story: Attacking dragons have reduced damage and no longer knock back on their flyover barrages.
Story: Zhaitan’s acid pools do less damage.
Explorable: Fixed issues that may have prevented events from starting or ending properly across all paths in the dungeon when an NPC was potentially dying, reviving, or being interacted with.
Explorable—Seer Path: In the Dwayna fight, the sparks will now target players primarily, and their attacks have been adjusted in a way that should make them chase the player as initially intended.

Citadel of Flame

Story: The Baelfire fight now has a safety net in case players fall off. If players die in a dangerous area, their body is teleported to a safe location for players to revive.
Story—Forgefire Armory Boss: This boss’s damage has been reduced.
Story—Bolok Barracks Boss: The group composition of the reinforcements summoned by Bolok Barracks boss has been modified.
Explorable—Magg’s Chain: The event to defend Magg while he plants a bomb has been rebuilt.
Explorable—Magg’s Chain: The respawn rate of creatures in the magma field has been adjusted.
Explorable—Rhiannon’s Chain: The torch event at the start has been adjusted to only require 3 torches instead of 5; enemy groups have also been adjusted accordingly.

Sorrow’s Embrace

Explorable—Inquest Path: The infinitely spawning waves have been adjusted to no longer spawn when fighting with the golem miniboss. They will continue once the golem event completes. The group compositions were also adjusted to add more variation.

Crucible of Eternity

Explorable—Evolved Destroyer: This enemy’s health has been reduced. The time window before the shield turns back on has been increased.
Explorable—Subject Alpha (All): The enemy’s health has been reduced.

Twilight Arbor

Explorable: Leurent’s Elite Guard shields have been fixed so they no longer deal damage after they disappear.
Explorable—Leurent Boss Encounter: The group composition has been adjusted.
Explorable—Worm Boss: Spit puddles have reduced damage, but more puddles are created with each attack.

Honor of the Waves

Explorable: Aldus Stormbringer adds are no longer veterans and have adjusted respawn times.
Explorable: Aldus’s invulnerability shield now properly decrements to melee and area attacks.
Updated the effect for the Cone of Cold skill used by Controller Andal to match the area affected by the skill when he turns.

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Polished dungeons and removed the ability to use waypoints while any player is in combat.

Dynamic Leveling

Attribute calculations for dynamic level scaling have been rebalanced. In general, this means weaker when adjusted down, stronger when adjusted up. Rewards when adjusted down have been increased to compensate. It is now possible to receive your own level of loot from any level of enemy.

Fractals of the Mists

Players can now reconnect to the Fractals of the Mists if they are disconnected.
Players can now connect to a fractal map even if they are not part of the original group that created the fractal instance.
Players can revive at a checkpoint in fractal maps if the entire party is out of combat.
Players are no longer prevented from entering fractal maps. The difficulty of the fractals is shared, and players will receive rewards based on their “reward level.”
Reward level increases as players complete fractal rounds.
If players have a higher reward level than the current fractal difficulty, they will receive bonus karma at the end of a round. However, item rewards are set to the minimum of the fractal scale and reward level.
Daily Fractals of the Mists bonus chests are awarded after defeating the kraken. The rewards are now based off of the minimum of the player’s reward level or current fractal scale.

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Fixed a bug where projectiles passed through the ground in several locations

Fractals of the Mists

Fixed a bug that did not remove the Lava condition from players who died in the pools of lava at the final boss in the Volcano Fractal
Fixed a bug where players were stricken with Agony even when they avoided the Ice Elemental’s AoE ice storm