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Ticket #: 130124-001784

My name is Rage, the guild leader of the guild Reddit Refugees on the Sanctum of Rall server. I’m the same Rage that did FanSite Friday #36 with Gaile, way back when

I have a guild member that was hacked. The hacker bought gems, spent gems sold items, etc and created a ruckus on his account. In haste and panic, my guild member requested a refund, which was granted and bought a new account. Is there a way ArenaNet can restore his original account so his 1000+ hours of gameplay doesn’t disappear into the ether?

Please give us good news.

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Hi Rage. Good to see you here. I’m sorry to hear about your guild member’s experience. I think the best thing is for him to speak about this directly with Support in the ticket where they worked through the compromise/hacking incident. I honestly do not think they can offer this accommodation — even while I understand the details — but it’s good to ask directly via a ticket, so that one of the agents can review all the details.