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This is my 4th time being kicked out of the game for “naming policy violation”
at the moment when the last 3 day suspension occured, character names were:

Fk Ranger
F K Same
F K Barracuda – thief always targeted by this issue, been renamed several times before(previous names “Girl And A Cat” and “Dat Animal”) today account got suspended again, and i received a GM response to my ticket containing this:

“These names are in violation of the Guild Wars 2 Naming Policy. Your account has received a mark that resulted in a temporary suspension from the game. After the suspension is over you can access your account and will be offered the option to rename these characters with new names. Please choose names that are within the acceptable standards of Guild Wars 2, for additional violations of this or other rules will result in extended suspensions and in severe cases will result in termination of the account.”
GM Lloyd

I know we are not supposed to use forums for these issues, but i don’t want to wait 3 days for response each time account gets suspended for 3 days for no reason. It kills the whole point of support system, besides this is my last resort, since GM Lloyd seems to get easily offended by Barracudas, other fish species and animals in general.

I’ve gone through naming policy several times and i still have not a foggiest idea about what name “F K Barracuda” can be violating in it. Please help me deal with this issue, because with this GM assigned to my ticket i only get copy-pasted messages about my account getting eventually terminated if it keeps getting suspended – [you don’t say.jpg] here.

Thank you.


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Your offensive names were blocked on:

  • January 18th – 2 names, including one that had “Hooker” as part of it.
  • January 20th – 1 name
  • January 25th – 1 name
  • January 28th – 3 names

This means that you have had four separate infractions in 10 days. That’s a very, very bad record. I don’t know how many were in existence on each date; it appears you’re renaming using the same disallowed combination for which you earlier were flagged.

My suggestion to you: Please do not use FK or F K in the game. It’s just catching peoples’ eyes, causing reports, and getting upheld as unacceptable upon review. You can address this by not using that letter combination in the future.

I will ask the team to change your Display Name to avoid future problems.

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So you’re driving down the road and you get a ticket. THe next day, on another road, you get another ticket. You yell at the officer, including assertions of “ego-inflated ticket giving” because he didn’t find you on both road and roll your tickets into one?

Good luck with that.

You need to stop using FK in your character names, because some of them were just not right. Don’t point to the person who’s reporting, or the agent who’s dealing with it. Fix this yourself by not using the letter combination and you’ll be fine.

And do not start a new post on this because the discussion is unnecessary and the solution is offered you, twice now, with good intent.