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When we were making this change, we looked at the events and encounters where our data showed players being encouraged to res-rush and re-balanced them to allow for the safe removal of res-rushing.

I guess I was right… What happened to the part where you asked the community why they rez rushed?

I’m thinking the rest will be the same way. Obviously, the rest of the stages are pre-planned, so any feedback from the forums will most likely be placed aside.

I’m look forward to the next stage announcements with worry and excitement.

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We have things planned, but are always open to feedback.

“Data” is a nebulous term. Part of that data is forum posts, part of it is personal experience in PUGs/groups, and other factors as well I won’t go into. I feel I know why people res-rush, and had a good sense through data where people were doing it. Using that info I made my changes.